Christie Koehler, Projects Director. Woman with glasses and short cropped hair in a royal blue button-up shirt.

We are thrilled to welcome Christie Koehler as NumFOCUS’s new Projects Director!

Christie brings to NumFOCUS experience in community building and business development as well a tremendous passion for open source. As Projects Director, she will work closely with NumFOCUS sponsored projects as she leads the Sustainability Program made possible through the Sloan Foundation. Christie’s expertise in project management and training will be put into action as she brings projects together for information sharing, develops networking opportunities with industry leaders, and organizes workshops to provide training on financial planning, communication and marketing strategies.

Christie will be joining NF on February 1st as our 5th staff member and we are anxiously awaiting the many contributions we know she will bring to our community. Christie states, “I’m thrilled to be joining NumFOCUS and for the opportunity to work with such an awesome array of open source projects. I look forward to getting to know the communities in depth and to working together to increase the capacity of each to be sustainable over time.”

Posted by Leah Silen​