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From Netflix to NASA, researchers use NumFOCUS sponsored projects to solve the most challenging problems. Explore our open source tools by language, features, or industry. Click on the project logo for detailed information about each project.

Affiliated Projects

Affiliated Projects are focused on open source data science and make meaningful use of NumFOCUS-sponsored tools. Unlike Sponsored Projects, Affiliated Projects are not fiscally sponsored by NumFOCUS. We highlight affiliated projects to encourage the community to contribute to, promote, and support these open source tools!

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Information on Fiscal Sponsorship

NumFOCUS provides a stable, independent, and professional home for projects in the open source scientific data stack through our fiscal sponsorship program. Learn about the benefits and requirements of project sponsorship through NumFOCUS and how to apply for fiscal sponsorship for your open source scientific computing project.


As an avid user of the NumFOCUS supported projects, donating is a win-win proposition for me! My favorite tools are able to remain active open source projects that continue to improve and evolve to fit modern problems.

Kyle Ross, Supporting Member